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Congratulations to our ASHRAE College Student Scholarship Winners!

ASHRAE student members scholarship winners were celebrated at the April 13, 2016 NCC chapter meeting. We are sure University of Maryland’s PhD student members Zhiwei Huang (student chapter President) and Darren Key, as well as The Catholic University’s student member Begoña Blasco-Puente (student chapter President) will be tremendously successful in the built environment industry.

From left to right: Laura Petrillo-Groh (NCC President); Begoña Blasco-Puente; Zhiwei Huang; Darren Key

Introduction to Consulting Engineering with Jesse Fischer on Thursday, February 25, 2016 at the University of Maryland student chapter 


Catholic University of America’s ASHRAE Student Chapter President Recognized for Being A True Impact Leader

As part of  "Women Wednesday", ASHRAE's Facebook page honored CUA ASHRAE Student Chapter President for her leadership skills. Begoña Blasco-Puente used prize money from their team win for the Green Impact Campaign to help send members of the CUA ASHRAE Student Chapter to the 2016 ASHRAE Winter Conference. You can read more about Begoña Blasco, who truly has left a lasting impression on the CUA ASHRAE chapter here: 

Catholic University of America’s ASHRAE Student Chapter Wins Energy Audit Competition

We are excited to congratulate Catholic University of America’s (CUA) Student Chapter yet again, this time for excelling in the Energy Audit Competition put forth by the Green Impact Campaign! CUA’s student chapter has performed more than 20 energy assessments for Takoma Park, Maryland. Students Begoña Blasco-Puente and Emily Oldham were awarded the PowerUp Prize in November 2015 for completing the most energy assessments in a week! Emily Oldham went on to win third place in the energy audit competition. Begoña Blasco-Puente went on to win first place for conducting a whopping 28 assessments to benefit energy savings in Takoma Park!

Learn more at

Catholic University of America’s ASHRAE Student Chapter Wins Rising Star Award

Congratulations to Catholic University of America’s (CUA) Student Chapter for winning the Rising Star Award at ASHRAE’s 2015 Integrated Sustainable Building Design Competition! The goal of this design competition is to encourage students to obtain experience in the ISBD process. Multidisciplinary teams were expected to design an energy efficient, sustainable project approaching a “Zero Net Energy” building with minimized energy demands for HVAC and all other technical systems that could be satisfied with locally available and/or building installed Renewable Energy Sources (RES). Students were asked to satisfy ASHRAE Standard 189.1-2011 and then implement RES to approach “Zero Net Energy” if possible. CUA’s Student Chapter created its branch only in January 2015, and already they have excelled in demonstrating their potential in building design. ASHRAE NCC is very proud of CUA’s team members listed below. You may see them accept their Rising Star Award at the ASHRAE 2016 Winter Conference in Orlando, Florida!

Alexandra Barrera (Student Chapter Officer)

Begoña Blasco (Student Chapter Officer)

Ahmad Dhafar

Marie Hunnell

Felipe Martins

Alejandra Rossi (Student Chapter Officer)

 Above, Begoña Blasco and Alejandra Rossi receiving the Rising Star Award at the Winter 2016 ASHRAE Conference. 

Upcoming events

We will be visiting the following colleges to discuss the benefits of being active in ASHRAE including scholarships, job opportunities, networking, and volunteering to promote STEM in schools.

  • ASHRAE Overview and Introduction to Consulting Engineering

When: TBA

Where: University of the District of Columbia

Description: ASHRAE member and senior engineer Jesse Fischer will be presenting to explain and promote the field of consulting engineering.

We are always interested in planning events at colleges to spread the word about how ASHRAE can help students through college and afterwards in the field of engineering. Contact if you would like us to come to your college to host an event where students can grab a bite to eat and discuss the benefits of ASHRAE with local members.

Scholarships and competitions

★     Undergraduate Engineering Scholarships: Application deadline on December 1, 2015

★     Undergraduate Regional/Chapter Scholarships: Application deadline on December 1, 2015

★     Graduate Grant-In-Aid Award: Application deadline on December 15, 2015

★     Senior Undergraduate Project Grants: Application deadline on December 18, 2015

★     Engineering Technology Scholarships: Application deadline on May 1, 2016

★     2016 Student Design Project Competition: Application deadline on May 4, 2016

★     New Faces of Engineering: College Edition

★     Check out ASHRAE’s Student Zone for more information.

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