Donor Recognition


The NCC would like to thank the following people for making donations towards the 2015-2016 Campaign.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated! 


The RP Committee would like to thank the following donors for their support and generosity towards the 2015 – 2016 Campaign.  Names listed below in bold  are new names added since the previous issue of Capitalaire.

Major Donors ($250 - $2,499)

Mr Kevin W Fallin

Xudong Wang, PhD

WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff


Honor Roll Donors - Individuals
($100 - $249)

Dr Karim Amrane, PhD

Mr Jon T Barnowski

Mr Nicholas Barrett **

Mr Steven Beatrice, Sr, LEED AP CEM

Ms. Amy Boyce **

Mr Dennis E Clark

Mr Jeffrey D Colby *

Mr Carl P Collat

Mr Julian R de Bullet

Mr James M Grant

Mr Omar John Hawit, PE *

Mr James P Hoffman

Mr Scott C Houghton

Mr David A Johnston

Mr Roger K Jones

Dr George E Kelly

Mr Arthur L Kent

Dr John H Klote, PhD

Mr Peter J Laiti

Mr Paul H Levy

Mr Bradley E Lowe

Mr Dunstan Laurence Macauley, III

Ms Stephanie J Mages

Prof Michael M Ohadi, PhD

Mr Robert McDaniel

Mr Stephen Niez **

Mr Bryan Oliva ***

Ms Laura G. Petrillo-Groh, PE *

Mr Alec R Petrillo-Groh, PE *

Mr Daniel E Pless

Mr Harvey M Sachs, PhD

Mr Tom Shahryary

Mr Robert Shannon

Mr Morgan J Stevens *

Mr Ryan Westlund **

Mr Samuel H WilliaMs, PE

Mr David W Yankovich ***


Honorable Mentions - Individuals
($1 - $100)

Mr Bruce H Benedict

Mr Harry P Misuriello

Mr Gerard Nolan


*               Denotes a Chapter Officer

**             Denotes a Chapter Governor

***            Denotes a Chapter Committee Chair

For those who have not yet donated, we hope to see your name on this list very soon!  Please go to to make your contribution today.

Be sure to indicate “National Capital” as your chapter when making your contribution.  We also recommend printing an electronic copy of your donation prior to submitting the form online so that you have a copy for your records.

The list of donors above is based on records as of October 1, 2015.  Please keep in mind that it can take several weeks for a donation to be registered with ASHRAE.  If you have already made a donation, but did not see your name listed, please notify the NCC RP Committee so that we can reconcile all donations and make sure you are all given the credit you deserve!