1.4 Secretary

The Secretary’s responsibilities typically include:

  1.  Taking minutes for chapter and BOG meetings.
  2.  Serving on the BOG.
  3.  Maintaining chapter records.
  4.  Servings as liaison between the chapter and Society Headquarters.
  5.  Being familiar with “Roberts Rules of Order (Revised)” for conducting business sessions.
  6.  Maintaining a record of each member’s attendance and chapter activities for use of the Nominating Committee.
  7.  Sending minutes of chapter and BOG meetings to the Director and Regional Chair (DRC) and the Regional Vice      Chair (RVC) of Chapter Technology Transfer (where applicable) within three weeks of each meeting.  
  8.  Keeping lists of members and prospective members up to date, in cooperation with Membership Promotion    Committee, and certifying to the BOG that all chapter members are bona fide members of the Society.
  9.  Obtaining and distributing forms, supplies, etc., as needed.
  10.  Acting for the BOG in taking charge of all property of the chapter, such as the chapter, bylaws, banners, projectors, etc.
  11.  Arranging for distribution of meeting notices.
  12.  Promptly notifying officers, nominated candidates and members of all committees of their selection, nomination or  appointment.
  13.  Completing the online Chapter Information Questionnaire (CIQ) on the ASHRAE website and sending it to the DR,  Assistant Regional Chair (ARC), Regional Members Council Representative (RMCR), and RVCs.
  14.  Preparing a chapter roster. (See Section 7.7 for information about accessing and running chapter Reports.)
  15.  Ensuring that the DRC receives copies of appropriate chapter communications and documentation.
  16.  Performing other functions as outlined in subsequent parts of this manual or as assigned by the President or BOG.

7.6 Correspondence Sent to Chapter from Headquarters

B. To Chapter Secretary

  1.  Chapter supplies (upon request)
  2.  Past President certificates of appreciation
  3.  Chapter Roster (upon request)
  4.  Chapter change reports (on Society website)
  5.  Chapter code to access the chapter’s membership data via the ASHRAE Members Only  Section of the homepage.
  6.  Elections (on Society Website)
  7.  Application acknowledgement
  8.  Cc: Life Member