At the society level, ASHRAE’s CTTC is comprised of representatives (Regional Vice-Chairs) from ASHRAE’s fourteen regions.  The CTTC reports to the Members Council. At the chapter level, the CTTC (Chapter Technology Transfer Committee) Chair (www.ashrae.org/cttc) oversees the chapter chairs of programs, refrigeration, technology and government affairs.

CTTC aims to provide ASHRAE Chapters with:

  • Chapter Chair training to inform Chapter Chairs about resources and programs available to help them make their Chapters successful
  • Tools, information and resources to develop, maintain and deliver high quality Chapter programs
  • Information about HVAC&R industry developments
  • A conduit for communications between the grassroots (i.e., Chapter members) and the Society level committees that develop ASHRAE standards, write the ASHRAE handbooks and manage ASHRAE research projects.


The CTTC administers the Distinguished Lecturer Program, ASHRAE Webcasts and ASHRAE’s Technology Awards program.

ASHRAE’s Technology Award of Engineering Excellence Program (www.ashrae.org/technologyawards) recognizes ASHRAE members who design and/or conceive innovative technological concepts that are proven through actual operating data.  Awards are given for new and retrofit applications for several categories of buildings, industrial facilities and processes.  Chapter award winners can be submitted into Regional competitions, and Regional winners are invited to compete for Society level Awards.  Applications are judged with respect to energy efficiency, indoor air quality, innovation, operation & maintenance, cost effectiveness, environmental impact and quality of presentation.   

ASHRAE’s "Distinguished Lecturer" program (www.ashrae.org/distinguishedlecturers)

identifies internationally recognized industry expert presenters who will make presentations to ASHRAE chapters.  ASHRAE provides financial assistance for approved Distinguished Lecturer visits, enabling even small Chapters to occasionally host world class programs.

CTTC is also administers the Dan Mills Technical Award, the Chapter Program Star Award, and the Refrigeration “R in ASHRAE” Award (www.ashrae.org/cttc). The Dan Mills Technical Award recognizes a Chapter CTT member (Chair or Vice-Chair) who excels in providing technical and energy activities of the CTT Committee. The Chapter Program Star Award recognizes excellence in chapter program endeavors.

The Refrigeration “R in ASHRAE” Award recognizes exceptional performance by a Chapter Refrigeration Chair for planning activities and providing technology transfer on the subject of refrigeration.