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September 06, 2017

September 2017 Chapter Meeting
September 06, 2017
3:15 PM - 8:15 PM
Hilton Arlington
950 North Stafford Street
Arlington, VA 22203
September 2017 Chapter Meeting

$40.00 NCC Member (PES)

$40.00 Non-NCC Member (PES)

$30.00 NCC Member (Dinner)
$55.00 after 11:00 pm September 4

$45.00 Non-NCC Member (Dinner)
$55.00 after 11:00 pm September 4

$150.00 Season Tickets Dinner Only 17-18

$350.00 Season Tickets PES and Dinner 17-18

$200.00 Season Tickets PES Only 17-18

** All Student Members please contact the registration chair, or make payments at the door.

Professional Education Seminar (PES) 
Topic: Airside Energy Recovery Systems
-Speaker: Klas Haglid, P.E., R.A.

This PES seminar focuses on two topics related to airside energy recovery and how it can be implemented with the goal of conserving energy. The first section will focus on the implementation and variations of using ERVs (energy recovery ventilators) in a Demand Control Ventilation scheme, in order to meet ASHRAE 62.1 compliance and energy recovery.  

The second half of the PES, will be a presentation on a case study using ERVs. A +600,000SF industrial property was taken to a net zero standard in April of 2012. Discussion on the building’s envelope, thermal bridges, energy recovery and controls will be included. 

Dinner Presentation
Topic: Combined Heat and Power at Penn State University
-Speaker: Andrew Gutberlet

Penn State has long been a proponent of combined heat and power to support the district energy systems at the University.  This presentation will highlight past, present and future plans to continue to improve the system efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of the utility systems.  Although the recent conversion of the West Campus Steam Plant from coal to natural gas was driven by environmental regulations, it presents numerous opportunities for continued co-generation in the future.  In addition, planned expansion of the utility systems driven by continued University growth are driving innovative, reliable, and sustainable solutions for the future.

Future PES and Dinner Meeting Information

July 25, 2018

USGBC Building Optimization and Demand Management

July 25, 2018
8:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Haworth DC Showroom
600 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20001

Reducing energy use and costs at commercial buildings.