• Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA)


Fall 2014 Study Groups

Check out the article in July's ASHRAE eSociety here

How Does it Work?

Members of all ages interested in participating must fill out and submit their registration through the NCC ASHRAE website.  (See registration link below).  Based on responses from registration, Study Groups will be formed on a “Rolling Admissions” basis based on the following criteria:

  •          Exam type and target exam date
  •          Preferred study location
  •          General availability
  •          At least one YEA member per Study Group
  •          No more than 6 people per Study Group
  •          One YEA member from each group will be required to act as a “YEA Facilitator”


What is a YEA Facilitator?

The YEA Facilitator is the person responsible for managing their assigned Study Group.  Generally, the YEA Facilitator will need to:

  •          Organize and facilitate Study Groups based on group member needs
  •          Determine dates, times and locations of Study Sessions


How can this Study Group Benefit Me?

Our first Study Group for the April 2014 examination had a 100% pass rate!  The following are testimonials from some of our most recent Study Group participants:

“One of the biggest benefits was getting to meet people outside of your office. Everyone had a really unique experience and it really helped the group to be well rounded. Everyone tackled problems differently and had different strengths and weaknesses so overall it really helped the study process. I know I personally learned a lot from my co-studiers. Plus, sometimes it just helps to have some people to commiserate with while you’re studying.”  – Mary Opalka, PE, LEED AP BD+C

I found so much value in meeting with other engineers going through the same exam anxieties.   I saw it as a great venue to discuss everything surrounding my personal, focused cramming: how to prep, what to study, where the exam is, what to bring, etc.  The PE study group was a great compliment to my own exam prep.” – Alex Wyczalkowski, PE, LEED AP BD+C

How Do I Sign Up?

Simply click the link below and answer all the questions!  Once submitted, the YEA Committee will contact you within a week regarding the status of your submission and will put you in contact with the appropriate chapter members.

Happy Studying!