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ASHRAE Membership Is Perfect For...

A wide range of HVAC&R professionals will find a host of benefits in ASHRAE membership:

  • Consulting Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Code Officials and other Government representatives
  • Facility Engineers / Managers
  • Project / Application Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Industrial / Manufacturing Engineers / Management
  • Public Utility Engineers
  • Students
  • Professors / Instructors / Researchers
  • Sales Engineers / Manufacturer’s Reps
  • Distributors / Wholesalers


You are Part of the ASHRAE Community
Your ASHRAE membership instantly connects you to over 53,000 of your peers and colleagues throughout the world. You will meet like-minded engineers who join together at the local, regional, and international levels both in-person and online.

  • Society Meetings and Conferences
  • ASHRAExChange
  • Chapter Participation
  • Committee Involvement

You Have Access to Valuable Information
ASHRAE Members and Associates receive the ASHRAE Handbook each June as part of their membership package. In addition, new members receive a complimentary one-year subscription to theASHRAE Handbook Online which provides instant access to all four volumes. Members also gain access to valuable information through:

  • Discounts in the ASHRAE Bookstore
  • ASHRAE Handbook 
  • Publications and Resources
  • Standards, Research & Technology
  • The ASHRAE Journal 
  • High Performance Buildings Magazine
  • E-Newsletters

You Have Opportunities to Give Back
Whether it is time or money, whether it is a little or a lot, there is always an opportunity at ASHRAE to give back and be part of the progress.

  • ASHRAE Foundation
  • Sharing knowledge on a Technical Committee
  • Volunteering at the Chapter level

You Grow Personally and Professionally
ASHRAE members are lifelong learners, and have endless resources to help accelerate their career through both personal and professional development:

  • ASHRAE Learning Institute
  • Online learning
  • YEA Leadership Programs
  • ASHRAE Jobs
  • Become ASHRAE Certified


Q: How do I become an ASHRAE Member?

Becoming a Member of ASHRAE is easy. Simply go to and click on the toolbar at the top right that says “Join or Login.” Follow the prompts on the screen the entire way through filling in the required information. To also become a local member, make sure to select “National Capital Chapter” as your local chapter affiliation, and check the box to pay local dues.

If you are already a member of ASHRAE, but want to become a member of the National Capital Chapter, simply change your affiliation on to National Capital Chapter at the time of membership renewal. If you have already renewed your annual membership and need to only join our chapter, it’s simple. Click here and fill out the form with your national membership information, and pay local dues. Simple as that! Please note that it may take a day or two to be updated on the local website.

Q: What are benefits of being part of ASHRAE NCC

The benefits to being part of ASHRAE are numerous. On a society level, you are connected to over 53,000 of your peers and colleagues throughout the world. Whether taking part in one of Society’s technical committees or simply using the yearly handbooks to apply best practice, ASHRAE provides members tangible connections to the HVAC-R industry.

Growing personally and professionally requires more than just taking part on a global Society level. Being an active member in our local National Capital Chapter personalizes ASHRAE to a community level. Practitioners from the greater metropolitan area come together on a monthly basis to discuss issues surrounding the built environment and learn from each other. This is done through social events, Professional Engineering Seminars (PES), and technical presentations held over dinner. Being part of your local NCC also makes you eligible to impact the ASHRAE community on a regional level through our ASHRAE region III affiliation.

In short membership in ASHRAE on a Society and local NCC level can:

- Provide you with free and reduced cost technical materials for your day to day reference

- Provide a network of contacts throughout the HVAC-R industry

- Allow you to take advantage of several Members’ Insurance Programs

- Allow you to give back to your personal and professional communities through volunteering

- And many more!

Q: What are the difference types of membership that I can be?

ASHRAE offers multiple membership grades. These are Student, Affiliate, Associate and Member. Student memberships are open to any collegiate student considering a career in the HVAC industry. If you were a student member and you just graduated, this membership also allows you to upgrade to associate member via the SmartStart program. For more information on SmartStart, visit this link: Smart Start.

Affiliate Grade is open to anyone under the age of 30 years old, or a military member who has been honorably discharged. This is a low cost option for joining ASHRAE if you meet the requirements listed, and you get most of the benefits of Associate and Member grades. This one exception is that you will not receive the annual handbooks with this membership grade. Affiliate Members may only maintain this grade of membership for (3) years, then they must upgrade to Associate.

Associate Grade is open to anyone who works in the HVAC industry and has a few years of experience or has previously been a Student Member. This membership grade gives you all of the benefits of ASHRAE membership, and includes the annual handbook. In order to volunteer with your local chapter, Associate Membership grade or higher is required.

Member Grade is open to anyone with 12 equivalent years of experience in the HVAC industry. You will be asked to provide information on education, work experience and professional licensure when applying for an upgrade to Member. 

Q: I can’t login and I’m trying to register for this month’s meeting!

Log-in issues can be caused by two things: not maintaining a local chapter membership, or a forgotten password.

Please contact when this problem occurs. If you are not a dues paying National Capital Chapter member you will need to rectify this prior to registration in order to see a discount. If you are a dues paying member locally, the membership chairs can reset your password, allowing you to login and register.

Q: When I renewed my membership with Society I did not check the box to simultaneously pay my chapter dues. Can I pay them separately now?

Yes. Dues can be paid online using this link. Fill out the form for membership to the local chapter, and you will be able to submit dues payments upon completion. You can also pay the dues at a monthly chapter meeting after filling out the form above

Q: How do I get more involved with ASHRAE?

To get more involved in ASHRAE, reach out to your NCC Membership Promotion Chair at

Q: How do I become a student member of ASHRAE NCC

ASHRAE NCC has had increasing traction reaching out to students both on a K-12 platform, as well as through our local collegiate sub-chapters. To learn more about these our college student member groups please reach out to our NCC Student Activities Chair at

Become an ASHRAE Society member

If you're already a Society member, fill out the NCC Member form