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December 2021

President’s Corner

President’s Corner

To the National Capital Chapter of ASHRAE,

I hope everyone has been appreciating the colors of fall and are starting to get out and see the holiday festivities that seem to come earlier and earlier every year. As a group, the board has been keenly watching COVID figures in the Washington DC Metro area and trying to determine when the right time to start back up in person meetings. We had initially looked at around December and with the availability of the third booster for many of us, I feel as comfortable as I will likely feel in going back to in-person meetings starting in the New Year. Stay tuned and we will be sure to use the new website to communicate plans. I apologize again for the changing target, but hope you can get some solace in the fact that we have great virtual meetings with quality speakers in the meantime.

The upcoming December 8th meeting is a continuation of the quality speakers, where we will take a deeper dive into topics that is often not taught as curriculum in many engineering schools. It is expected that some topics are better suited to real-world experience and our topics this month are certainly in this category.  I hope you join us in hearing Terry Rogers and Tom Gilbertson speak about what happens when things don’t always go as planned. Please see the NCC announcement for more on the speakers and their topics.

Lastly from my side, I wanted to highlight the new website again, as we are looking to make this a fundamental cornerstone of our communication as a chapter and will be building out our NCC committee pages such as WiA, YEA, as well as increasing content and links to society announcements and trainings. We have listened and I am proud of all the hard work that has led to the current website and want to encourage everyone to reach out to any of the Board members for suggestions on how we can make the content more applicable and helpful to you and others in the NCC community.

Be well, do Good!


Best Regards,

Ryan Westlund

President, National Capital Chapter, 2021-2022

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2021-2022 Board of Governors
President Ryan Westlund
President-Elect Nick Barrett
Vice President Mike Morder
Treasurer Jonathan Rumbaugh
Secretary Michael Spencer
Sr. Governor Stephen Niez
Governor Mikelann Scerbo
Governor Drew McPheeters
Governor Lauren MacGowens
Governor Patti Gunderson
2021-2022 Committee Chairs
Annual Social Laura Morder
Bradey Jump
CTTC Mikelann Scerbo
Directory Morgan Stevens
Finance Nick Barrett
Ryan Westlund
Jonathan Rumbaugh
Mike Morder
Golf Outing Mike Morder
Gov't Affairs Roger Chang
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Michael Spencer
Lauren MacGowens
Morgan Stevens
Women in ASHRAE Bailey Estes
Young Engineers in ASHRAE Zach DeLuke
Adam Mirabelle

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Please join us for the December webinar for the NCC Chapter:

"Integrity (How to Respond When Things Go Wrong)" and "Pitfalls of Legal Activity for Design-build Engineers"

December 8, 2021 – Wednesday Noon to 2 p.m.

Integrity (How to Respond When Things Go Wrong)

Integrity is often used to describe people and their traits. Some descriptions of integrity are exhibiting conduct that conforms to accepted standards of right and wrong, remaining truthful even when it means taking responsibility for failures, and being faithful to high moral standards. A prerequisite to integrity is to have established norms, standards, behaviors, etc. that everyone agrees are generally appropriate and applicable to all situations. Integrity is also a term that can be used when describing physical assets, processes, structures, and even organizations.

When assessing a building or structure we evaluate the physical aspect of integrity. When attributing integrity to processes and organizations, a different set of examples and characteristics come to mind. This presentation will discuss how the concept of integrity permeates the engineering, design, construction, commissioning, and long- term operations of facilities. Integrity is demonstrated by how we respond to, and how we behave when we make mistakes or encounter the unexpected.

06 - Terry Rogers

Terry Rogers

Terry has over 39 years of progressive experience in Critical Facilities operations and management including strategic planning, critical infrastructure design, operations, and commissioning; business protection and recovery; preventive and predictive maintenance; technical training and professional training development.

Terry is an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer and a voting member of ASHRAE TC9.9 "Mission Critical Facilities, Data Centers, Technology Spaces, & Electronic Equipment", ASHRAE SSPC 90.4 "Energy Standard for Data Centers”, as well as ASHRAE SPC-127 and GPC-1.6P. He is on the Board of Directors of the Building Commissioning Association’s Southeast Region and has authored or co-authored books, whitepapers, and presentations on Critical Facilities, facilities management, and formal commissioning. Terry is active with the Lawrence Livermore National Lab’s Energy Efficiency High Performance Computing Working Group and the 7x24 Exchange International and local Carolinas chapter. He has developed and taught multiple training classes in the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of critical facilities including commercial nuclear power plants, aerospace facilities, and large data centers.

Terry has performed site reliability assessments for more than 50 sites in over 20 countries across 5 continents. Terry writes a bi-monthly column in Mission Critical magazine called Sustainable Operations.

Pitfalls of Legal Activity for Design-build Engineers

The life of an ASHRAE Member can take some funny turns. As design engineers, we conduct our activity in a bit of a vacuum. But we can’t assume that everyone we work with has an understanding of, and a vocabulary to match, the activities that we do. This presentation will cover the importance of understanding the perspective of who you’re working with (e.g., developers, architects, contractors), discuss strategies to take when things go wrong, and provide an overview of what can befall engineers in the legal system.

tom gilbertson photo

Thomas Gilbertson

Thomas Gilbertson has more than five decades of experience as a mechanical engineer. Since 1981, he has been the President of Thomas A. Gilbertson & Assoc. Inc. He joined ASHRAE in 1961, became a Distinguished Member of ASHRAE in 2013, and received the Distinguished Service Award in 2014 and 2015. He has served in more than a dozen roles for ASHRAE, including as Chair on a Refrigeration Technical Committee. He holds patents for a water side economizer, a pressurized ice building chilled water system, and a refrigerant pump. He served in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Thanks to all who have presented, planned, and attended our series of webinars during this unprecedented year. Our hope is that by next fall we will be able to safely welcome you back to in-person gatherings. This has been a learning experience for us, and we hope we’ve been useful. Your comments after each presentation help us to improve educational offerings in the future.


This past summer, the NCC Chapter traveled to State College, PA for the ASHRAE Region III CRC Conference. In addition to the award recipients highlighted in the September newsletter, there are more members who also received awards at this conference. They are recognized below.

Hall of Fame Award - Roger Jones

This award is presented to an individual who, in the eyes of the DRC, has shown outstanding commitment to Region III through years of service.

Certificate of Appreciation - CRC General Chair - Laura Morder

Certificate of Appreciation - CRC General Chair - Stephanie Mages

Certificate of Appreciation - RVC Government Affairs - Kinga Hydras

Chapter Service Award - Laura Petrillo-Groh

Chapter Service Award - Morgan Stevens

Regional Award of Merit - Stephanie Mages

The Regional Award of Merit is awarded to individuals who have shown their commitment to ASHRAE through many years of service in support of their ASHRAE Region.

Membership Promotion - Blue Ribbon (High PAOE in Region) - Drew McPheeters

This award recognizes the Region III Membership Promotion Chair that has shown real effort in all areas of the committee's goals. Three basic requirements to be considered for this award include: attendance at the CRC and Centralized Training; goal setting with the RVC; and regular communication with the RVC.

Young Engineers in ASHRAE - Shining Light Award - Stephanie Gonzalez

YEA Chapter Chair who goes above and beyond in developing strong and creative YEA events and programs for their chapter. As well as increasing YEA members and participation.



DC Building Energy Performance Standards Update

Did you know that earlier this year, a new building energy performance standard for existing buildings went into effect? The DC Department of Energy and Environment recently finalized a guidebook for BEPS in November:

The first compliance cycle impacts privately-owned buildings over 50,000 sf and all public-owned buildings over 10,000 sf.

For a list of all resources, check out the DOEE website, as well as the Building Innovation Hub.

If you’d like to connect with DOEE or the Innovation Hub, please feel free to reach out to Roger Chang, Grassroots Government Activities Chair at


ASHRAE relies on YOU for support. If you are interested in donating, please visit

The Research Promotion Committee manages and supports both the Society‐level fundraising and Chapter‐level fundraising of the RP Campaign. Traditionally supporting just research, the RP Campaign was expanded 10 years ago to include support of Education & ALI, Endowed Research through ASHRAE Foundation, YEA programs, ASHRAE Scholarships, and the General/ Unrestricted fund. Research, the backbone of ASHRAE, remains the primary fund of the program with over $2 million raised for this program annually.

Ways You Can Contribute:

Online at WWW.ASHRAE.ORG. On the top of the page click ‘make a gift’ and select ‘ASHRAE RP Campaign’. Fill in all the required info. Please remember to put NCC CHAPTER in the Assigned ASHRAE Chapter area so your chapter can receive credit.

Or, make your checks out to ASHRAE RESEARCH FUND. Please remember to  add NCC CHAPTER to the memo line, and send to:

180 Technology Parkway

Peachtree Corners, GA 30092.

Have questions? Please contact our NCC Chapter RP

Chair Chris Able at 410‐353‐3060 or

Thank you so much for your support last year and we hope we can count on you again this year!

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07 - Build a Kit for Christmas

The S.O.L.I.D.S. 8TH Annual Build A Kid A Christmas community service event will be on Saturday, December 11th  from 9am-3pm and its purpose is to bring students interested in STEM and professionals working in STEM together to build toys to donate to the children of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington.  This is a great opportunity for students to gain community service hours and meet professionals working in STEM fields.  This is also a great opportunity for STEM professionals to reach back and give knowledge to the youth while networking with other professionals. Above is the event flyer and below is the event link.  Feel free to contact the email below with any questions or concerns.

Event link:



A special thank you to this year's generous donors!

Eric D. Goodman

Marty D. Borenstein

Edward A. Durell

Laura G. Petrillo-Groh, PE

Christopher Able

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Mikelann Scerbo

Ryan Westlund

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