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The National Chapter of ASHRAE

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May 2023

President’s Corner

Dear Members of the National Capital Chapter of ASHRAE,

I hope this message finds you well. Our new Board of Governors and committee chairs are transitioning into their new roles. I want to congratulate them and thank the outgoing members for their service to the chapter. Also, thank you to the nominating committee for putting together a great group to serve as our Board of Governors for the 2023-2024 ASHRAE Society Year.  Please join me in welcoming the new board members and wishing them the best in their new roles.

President-Elect/Vice President: Jonathan Rumbaugh

Treasurer: Michael Spencer

Secretary: Lauren MacGowens

Governor: Bailey Estes

Governor: Stephanie Gonzalez

Governor: Zach DeLuke

Governor: Dante Freeland

Senior Governor: Ryan Westlund

I also want to take this opportunity to introduce our incoming president, Mike Morder. Mike has been an active member of the National Capital Chapter for many years and has served in various leadership roles. I'm confident that under his leadership, our chapter will continue to thrive and provide value to our members.

Finally, I want to thank all of our members for their continued support of the National Capital Chapter of ASHRAE. We couldn't accomplish all that we do without your participation and engagement.

Best Regards,

Nick Barrett

Nick Barrett Signature

President, National Capital Chapter, 2022-2023


Board of Governors & Committee Chair Contact

Board of Governors Email Address
President Nick Barrett
President-Elect Mike Morder
Vice President Jonathan Rumbaugh
Treasurer Michael Spencer
Secretary Lauren MacGowens
Sr. Governor Ryan Westlund
Governor Drew McPheeters
Governor Mikelann Scerbo
Governor Bailey Estes
Committee Chairs Email Address
Annual Social Laura Morder
Bradey Jump
CTTC Jonathan Rumbaugh
Directory Morgan Stevens
Finance Michael Spencer
Jonathan Rumbaugh
Mike Morder
Nick Barrett
Golf Outing Mike Morder
Gov’t Affairs Mikelann Scerbo
Historian Ryan Westlund
Research Promotion Drew McPheeters
Honors/ Awards Stephen Niez
Membership Stephanie Gonzalez
Lauren MacGowens
Newsletter Ian Faulconer
Laura Morder
Reception Catherine Jones
Caroline Evans
Molly Sizemore
Student Activities Dante Freeland
Alex Ratliff
Website/ Electronic Communications Michael Spencer
Lauren MacGowens
Caroline Evans
Directory Morgan Stevens
Sustainability Ryan Westlund
Diversity in ASHRAE Bailey Estes
Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) Zach DeLuke
Ryan Cleary
Tech Awards Stephen Niez

Corporate Sponsors

Platinum Level Sponsors

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Research promotion

The Research Promotion Committee manages and supports both the Society‐level fundraising and Chapter‐level fundraising of the RP Campaign. Traditionally supporting just research, the RP Campaign was expanded 10 years ago to include support of Education & ALI, Endowed Research through ASHRAE Foundation, YEA programs, ASHRAE Scholarships, and the General/ Unrestricted fund. Research, the backbone of ASHRAE, remains the primary fund of the program with over $2 million raised for this program annually.

Ways You Can Contribute:

We encourage you to make your donation to one of our National Capital endowed funds in the following section:

Foundation - Foundation Endowed Research Funds 22-23

Thank you so much for your support!

Below are some projects in our region funded by the ASHRAE RP Campaign: 

 Flammable Refrigerants Post-Ignition Simulation and Risk Assessment Update
GEXCON US - Bethesda MD

Investigation of Ignition Temperature (Hot surface and Auto Ignition) for 2L Refrigerants
AHRTI - Arlington, VA
Completed RP Mar. 2019
Transport of Indoor Biological Dust
PENN. STATE U-Parichehr Salimifrad

Airside heat transfer augmentation using multi-scale analysis and shape optimization for compact heat exchangers with small hydraulic diameters
U-MARYLAND - Daniel Bacellar

Demonstrating the application of novel multi-criteria ventilation algorithms in office buildings
DREXEL U. - Tom Ben David

Quantifying Non-Energy Benefits of High-Performance, Urban Elementary School Buildings
CATHOLIC U. - Emily Oldman


Please welcome our newest members to the National Capital Chapter!

John Willis

William Johnson

Maggie B Palacz

Anderson Page

Ron Kaczmarek

Erik Becker

Cameron John Dolsby

Want to know more?  email

NCC ASHRAE Spring golf outing

The annual golf tournament was held on May 24th at Raspberry Falls Golf and Hunt Club in Leesburg, VA. This event continues to be our largest fundraiser for our chapter. Special thank you to our sponsors, in particular our Tournament Sponsor – Havtech. The event consisted of a full field of 144 foursomes and we couldn’t have asked for a better weather day.

First Place – Sponsor: Southland Industries

Ian Faulconer, Drew Thomas, Troy Stewart, Andy Tech


Second Place – Sponsor: DMR

Evan Mahan, Mike Morder, Mike Benson, Scott Canova


Third Place – Sponsor: Advanced Thermal Solutions

Han Yeo, Jonathan Burke, Sean Ek, Benjamin Stocksdale



Additional Photos from Putting Contest


Historian's Archives

Historian’s Archives: Chapter Historian Ryan Westlund

For the last year and a half, I have devoted substantial time (and savings) on renovating a small 1937 apartment house around the corner from my home in Northeast DC. Intensive structural work has uncovered interesting pieces of the building’s history. These included bituminized fiber drainage pipe known as Orangeburg pipe, corroded galvanized plumbing lines that were nearly completely clogged with leached lead and generalized crud, and countless beer bottles and cans that made there way into the walls and crawlspace over the years.

The plans call for a complete electrification of the 85-year-old building in the first phase of creating net-zero subsidized housing for the neighborhoods most financially stressed tenants. As such, we would no longer need the chimney that had previously been repurposed as a vertical shaft for the various gas appliances throughout the four apartments. Looking at the dozen or so exhausts that fed into the shaft, evolving technology in the HVAC industry had shifted and necessitated adaptation of the buildings heating system.

Evidence of the chimney used to burn coal, oil and/or gas boilers, as well as natural gas furnaces are all present in this 2-story 30 in. by 36 in. glimpse back into history. It shows the progress of our field, but doesn’t quite do justice to the thousands of pioneers whose innovations have pursued better IEQ and pursue increased energy efficiency. Looking through these past patent holders that changed our industry I stumbled upon one grad of DC’s Howard University that caught my attention. Two days before Christmas in 1919, Alice H. Parker was awarded patent number 1,325,905 for an indoor heating system using natural gas for a home and office “heating furnace”.

Reading into the “known facts” about Ms. Parker’s development, it raised more questions than answers, as recorded by this 2022 article by Audrey Henderson titled “What we know about Alice Parker, a ‘hidden figure’ in modern heating”. It is an intriguing read that seems to buck a lot of the internet’s storyline of the early pioneers of HVAC.

Regardless of the exact details of her life, Ms. Parker’s “groundbreaking whole house heat distribution system was much more efficient than either coal-burning stoves or fireplaces. And while natural gas is no longer a novelty as a heating source, Parker’s innovation fundamentally changed how indoor heating systems operate by being the first to incorporate separate, individually controlled heating elements in each room.” Celebrating this, and acknowledging her hidden past as a function of how African American scientists have often remained in the background (see NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson), further accentuate the need of celebrating their achievements, so that today’s generation of black girls see that they are part of innovation and STEM education.

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